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6 . Prepare your lengths (designs with offset match)

  • 1 The number of lengths

    You have to start by thinking about the number of lengths of wallpaper you will need to make your wall!

    PS : a length in wallpaper jargon is just a strip of wallpaper!


    Here you have a wallpaper with an offset match, so the calculation method will be different than if it was a free / or straight match wallpaper!

  • 2 Our friends ♥, the calculation x=2y+3²/(√45+2)

    A. To find out the number of lengths needed :

    Wall width / Roll width

    💡 At Maison Janette all our wallpaper rolls = 53cm

    Example : Wall width = 5 meters

    Calculation = 5 / 0,53 = 9,43.

    You will therefore need 10 lengths of wallpaper (always rounded upwards)

    B. To find out the number of lengths in a roll :

    Length of the roll / Height of the room from the plinths + 10 cm margin for the cuts + Height of the fittings.

    💡 At Maison Janette all our wallpaper rolls length = 10,05 m

    Example : the height of our piece is 2.40 meters + 10 cm margin + the connection of the design is 32 cm (written on the label of the roll)

    Calculation = 10,05 / (2,40 + 0,10+0.32) = 3.56.

    So, in this case, 3 lengths can be used in a roll (we always round down)

    C. To find out the number of rolls needed for your entire wall :


    Number of lengths required for the wall / number of lengths per roll


    You can also use our roll calculator on our website

    Calculation = In our case 10 / 3 = 3.33

    So we will need 4 rolls to make our entire wall (we always round up)

    Conclusion, with our example to make our entire wall we need 4 rolls, and make 10 lengths of 2.82m (2.40 + 0.10 + 0.32 H from the wall + margin of 5cm top and bottom + match)

    PS : For non-woven wallpapers like ours, you can also cut directly on the wall, it's up to you to choose what you prefer :) To do this, just unroll your roll of wallpaper little by little and cut each length at the end of your wall.

  • 3 Time to cut !

    To cut our lengths, we place the roll of wallpaper on the table, unroll it and put a small mark in pencil to the size of the length calculated above to be cut in our example: 2.50m!

    Thanks to a ruler (spirit level type) you can cut your roll perpendicularly with your cutter.

    When they're ready, roll your lengths inward! /


  • 4 Numbering :

    We have therefore cut out all our lengths, we do not forget to number them, this will facilitate installation!

    And here we are, our strips are ready, cut, rolled up, numbered, we can now hang them!


    Let's go to the last step : The installation of the length !

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