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Dare to use our non-woven wallpapers to dress up your walls!

Here are our wallpaper designs, all available in 4 colours and even 9 for our beloved stripe!

From the Octave stripe to our Paloma flower, all the designs have been drawn/painted by hand!

They are then printed in the traditional way by a long-established supplier less than 100km from us!

Thanks to this quality non-woven wallpaper, there's no need for a wallpapering table, just glue your wall and off you go!

All our wallpapers are washable, lightfast and A+ rated!

We hope you enjoy discovering them as much as we do!

PS: each of our wallpapers can be coordinated with our paint range!

A word of advice: HAVE FUN!

The whites
The beiges
The yellows
The greens
The blues
The pink
The oranges
The reds
The purples
The browns
The greys
  1. Sprinkle your walls with softness and creativity

  2. Sprinkle your walls with softness and creativity