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5 . Prepare your lengths (designs with straight or free match)

  • 1 The number of lengths

    You have to start by thinking about the number of lengths of wallpaper you will need to do your wall!

    PS : a length in wallpaper jargon is just a strip of wallpaper!

  • 2 Our friends ♥, the calculation x=2y+3²/(√45+2)

    A. To find out the number of lengths needed :

    Wall width / Roll width

    💡 At Maison Janette all our wallpaper rolls = 53cm

    Example : wall width = 5 meters 

    Calculation = 5 / 0,53 = 9,43.

    You will therefore need 10 strips of wallpaper (always rounded upwards)

    B. To find out the number of lengths in a roll :

    Length of the roll / Height of the room from the plinths + 10 cm margin.

    💡 At Maison Janette all our wallpaper rolls length = 10,05 m

    Example : the height of our room is 2.40 meters 

    Calculation = 10,05 / (2,40 + 0,10) = 4,02.

    So, in this case, 4 strips can be used in a roll (we always round down)

    C. To find out the number of rolls needed for your entire wall :

    Number of strips required for the wall / number of strips per roll


    You can also use our roll calculator on our website 😉

    Calculation = In our case 10 / 4 = 2,5

    So we will need 3 rolls to make our entire wall (we always round up)

    Conclusion, with our example to make our entire wall we need 3 rolls, and make 10 strips of 2.50m (2.40 + 0.10 H from the wall + margin of 5cm top and bottom)

    PS : For non-woven wallpapers like ours, you can also cut directly on the wall, it's up to you to choose what you prefer 😊 To do this, just unroll your roll of wallpaper little by little and cut each strip at the end of your wall.

  • 3 Start to cut !

    To cut our strips, we place the roll of wallpaper on the table, unroll it and put a small mark 🗴 in pencil 🖉 to the size of the strip calculated above to be cut in our example: 2.50m!

    Thanks to a ruler (spirit level type) 📏 you can cut your roll perpendicularly with your cutter.

    When they're ready, roll your lengths inward!


  • 4 Numbering

    We have therefore cut out all our lengths, we do not forget to number them, this will facilitate installation !

    And here we are, our strips are ready, cut, rolled up, numbered, we can now hang them 🖔

    Let's go to the last step : The installation of the length !

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