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1 . Prerequisites

  • 1 What is a non-woven paper ?


    It is made of a combination of different fibers, usually polyester and cellulose, covered with a layer of vinyl and compressed on a paper backing.

    Non-woven paper has a great dimensional stability and is wrinkle-free. This makes it particularly suitable for areas that are difficult to wallpaper. It is also not easily flammable. Although permeable to air and water vapor, a layer of vinyl can make it waterproof.


  • 2 What is washable wallpaper?


    At Maison Janette, all of our wallpapers are washable! Ok, but what does that mean?
    This means that you can dab a damp sponge over it but without rubbing


  • 3 Checking the batches


    At Maison Janette, the batch of the wallpaper is indicated on the labels of the rolls below the reference. It ensures that 2 rolls are from the same production and that their colors are exactly the same.

    You just have to check that your rolls have the same batch. Don't worry, it's a simple verification, Maison Janette's logistics team always takes care to send you rolls with the same batch !

  • 4 A healthy space, in a healthy mind


    Make a clear workspace, remove the wall lights, your furniture, frames, anything that can interfere with a good wallpaper installation!

    My mother would say: “A healthy space, in a healthy mind”.

    Turn off the main power to the room and remove your outlet covers and switches.


    The ideal temperature for hanging wallpaper is 18 to 20 degrees, the windows are closed to avoid drafts!


  • 5 Protecting your floors


    We will protect our floors with a plastic sheet that we will fix with tape.

    We do this simply in order to protect drops of glue that might fall!

  • 6 Take care of your tools


    When using the wallpaper roller or the seam roller, make sure your tools are not in contact with the excess glue.

    If this happens, it will have annoying consequences: you will have to clean your tools, which can be a long and complicated operation.!
    If you neglect to clean your tools, chances are you will smear the glue on the surface of the wallpaper.

  • 7 Bye Bye the old


    Remove any old covering sand off old paints and fill in any holes or cracks in the plaster.

  • 8 A beautiful wall


    We will then check the quality of the wall: as a reminder, your wall must be dry, healthy, smooth, clean, uniform in colour and normally absorbent.

    If your wall is brightly coloured, we would advise you to repaint it in white beforehand to prevent the colour from showing through the joints!



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