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2 . What is a match ?

  • 1 Definition

    A wallpaper pattern is repeated along the length of your roll!


    To make two strips join perfectly, you have to find your match !


    There are several: straight, free and half drop are the 3 matches that you will find at MAISON JANETTE!


  • 2 The Free Match

    This is the easiest ! ♥

    No match to find, no loss of wallpaper, no calculations to do, we love it!

    So we just have to lay the lengths side by side!


  • 3 The Straight Match

    For this one, this means that the repeated design ends up at the same height !


    From one strip to another, so there is an offset to be taken into account when cutting.


    📢 : all our wallpanels are created with a straight match !

  • 4 The Half Drop Match

    This means that the pattern is aligned every other strip !


    So there is an offset to take into account when cutting.


    Its advantage? It allows to have a greater richness of drawing in the wallpaper!




    Now, you have all the basics, and you know well the difference between the 3 types of matches. SO, you are ready to move on to the first step of installation: Prepare your equipment 

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