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3 . Prepare your equipment

  • 1 Team Dungarees

    We put on our best clothes, here we are clearly part of Team Dungarees 🎉!



    We recomend to remove all your accessories, jewellery 💍 for more comfort during the installation.

  • 2 Good vibes only

    We start the Maison Janette playlist 🎺 available on Spotify ® and then we put our phone in silent mode🔕 !

    No way our mother in law, an Instagram notification or an office email will distract us!

  • 3 The list of essantials

    We make sure we have everything we need to hang up our beautiful wallpaper 💓 !

    Our Maison Janette kit with the essential tools to hang like a pro 💪 is available on our site!

    We therefore need:

      • a slider (available in the MJ kit)
      • a glue brush (available in the MJ kit)
      • a joint roller (available in the MJ kit)
      • a wooden pencil 🖍
      • a lightly moistened sponge
      • a cutter with a new blade
      • a non-woven glue, here Team Quelyd! here !
      • a trestle table
      • a bucket
      • a tarpaulin
      • a light scotch tape
      • a wooden stick / spoon
      • and… your good spirits 😎 !


    Your playlist is on, your equipment is ready and you are ready too. Now let's move on to step two: Prepare your wall and glue.

A bit of music motivate yourself!