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4 . Prepare your wall and glue


    1 You can never be too careful

    We are going to measure the wall🔢, even if you have already done it to calculate the number of rolls, it is important!

    And as a precaution add 5 cm at the top and bottom!

  • 2 Always straight !

    It is important that your first strip is perfectly vertical to be straight!

    Use your spirit level 📏 and draw a light line of 53cm on your wall (the size of a strip at Maison Janette) from the left near the roof then hold your plumb line over the mark and draw a vertical line along the wall.


    Then all you have to do is line up your first strip of wallpaper on the pencil line.

    This is very important for hanging your first strip, to make sure your wallpaper is straight. This will be the axis to follow to lay your first length!

  • 3 Preparation of ingredients

    Team Janette recommends that you buy Quelyd glue available here on the Maison Janette website!
    Nothing could be simpler, we prepare the amount of glue according to the number of wallpaper rolls you need (see instructions on the box)!

    We then take our bucket / (clean) bowl and we add the amount of water according to our needs📥 !

  • 4 Silence, it mixes !

    We now use a wooden stick / spoon to make a figure of 8 motion in the water to create a whirlpool🌪 !

    Then little by little we pour our glue into the water, continuing to stir!

    Thanks to this we will have a very homogeneous glue and we will avoid lumps, as easy as making a good Sunday cake🍮 !

    PS : PS: The big advantage of the glue we offer, Quelyd has added a pink dye to visualize the glued areas and the places to paste!

  • 5 Wait !

    Leave it to rest for 20 minutes🕓

    But ... no rest for the wicked !

    Come on, let's take advantage of these 20 minutes of waiting, and we'll go directly to step 4 🖣:

    - Prepare your lengths (designs with straight or free match)

    - Prepare your lengths (designs with offset match)

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