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29,90 € / unit

Maison Janette has created the best brush making kits for you by focusing on what we do best: quality and functionality. We make high quality wallpaper, we had to be able to help you hang it properly.

In a beautiful cotton bag made in Spain that you will surely re-use, you will find the essentials of the perfect wallpaper hanger (you) :
- a glue brush that almost does the job for you with a high quality beech wood handle
- a slightly curved ebonite wood jointed wheel to be able to adjust the edges like a pro
- a brush fitted with a PET fiber (90% recycled material) to expel air bubbles.

Everything is made in France and engraved with the Maison Janette logo. You have the wallpaper, you have the awesome tools, you just have to hang ! And if you need anything, we're here!
NB: The maintenance of the brush kit requires cleaning the tools with water after use.