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But who is Janette?

  • beautiful stories

  • the know-how

  • inspired designs

The team


Maison Janette is the story of encounters and talents.

There is the expertise of Alex who has worked in the world of decoration for 10 years, she leads the project with her love of colours and interiors. She designs the ranges, surrounded by two passionate illustrators, Laure and Aurélie, and a graphic designer, Inès.

Maison Janette reflects their passion for reinvented tradition, unexpected beauty, and assumed blends.

Respect the


Maison Janette is aware of the planet and does everything possible at every stage of production to limit its environmental impact.

100% of our products are made locally in Antwerp while our posters are printed in Lille with vegetal based ink on paper from F.S.C (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests.

Finally, our glue is potato starch based.

The inspiration

It's LIFE that inspires Maison Janette!

We love what goes beyond, the laughter of children, large dinner parties, interiors decorated with objects from around the world, modernized retro, assumed touches of colours, antique objects associated with family decor, sometimes kitsch, the very chic if you desire, the bourgeois why not, the right taste according to your tastes, the changing desires, the feel good mood when you enter a room, contagious energy, comfortable houses...

We love it REAL!


"There is a craftsman hidden within you, SET THEM FREE."

- Alexandra



Young but already an expert,

Maison Janette made the choice of quality by working with a manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience.

All wallpapers are designed by hand and then benefit from a traditional printing, which means they are as if they have been painted and not printed with a machine.

The difference ? A more beautiful rendering which is much more qualitative and which lasts longer.